Banks are at a critical juncture. On the one hand they have an aging and complex technical platform, and on the another they are under pressure to go faster and innovate more to stave off industry disruption.

Containers, specifically as implemented by the Docker Datacenter stack are an incredibly powerful tool in overcoming this challenge. Implemented successfully, banks who implement the Docker Datacenter will secure benefits such as simplified workflows, more efficient use of infrastructure, more reuse, platform portability, increased resiliency and higher security.

To get there however needs a consolidated container strategy in order to rapidly drive adoption of this powerful technology.

This briefing covers:

  • The complex, interconnected, legacy application stacks which make up modern banking platforms
  • The challenging environment of digital disruption potentially impacting the banks, and the need to speed up software deployment cycles in response to this
  • Why containerization, specifically implemented via the Docker Datacenter toolchain is a key tool in solving this dichotomy
  • Specific challenges and situations found within banking application delivery which the Docker Datacenter stack helps to overcome
  • Why banks need to develop a container strategy to drive successful production deployment of the Docker Datacenter and the elements of a holistic container strategy


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