Many enterprise organizations are beginning to appreciate the significant advantages that containers bring to the way they build, ship and run applications.

Because containers are in many ways a step change in how we deliver applications, enterprises typically need support with container adoption in order to:

  • Align on where and how containers should be used.

  • Understand the implications for enterprise architecture.

  • Develop a governance model around the use of containers incorporating development, deployment and operations.

  • Understand the best practices for successful and secure operational deployment.

Our enterprise container strategy supports and accelerates the process of adoption and successful production deployment of containers. It brings to bear a structure and rigorous program that moves you towards building, shipping and running containerized applications in an enterprise setting. 

Our container strategy will help you to:

  • Decide where and how to deploy containers in your enterprise
  • Develop a roadmap for adoption
  • Discover a complete selection of tooling 
  • Develop a strategy for governance and security
  • Develop the business case for containers

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