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[Webinar] Cybersecurity as Code: Build a Secure-by-Default Cloud

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In this webinar, Contino's Jesse White will share the key principles of building “secure-by-default” Cloud Infrastructure. 

Some topics Jesse will discuss include:

  • Diving into the core concepts of system safety and reliability
  • How to leverage Infrastructure as Code to build fully automated and continuously converging systems
  • Showing how to use encoded compliance frameworks to build self-validating and healing systems
  • Exploring how strategic investment in Cloud Native Services can help build defense-in-depth


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About Jesse

  • Jesse White

    VP Consulting, Financial Services

    ​Jesse White is VP Consulting for Financial Services with more than 15 years of technology industry experience across financial services, healthcare, advertising, e-commerce, and IoT verticals. As a 10 year veteran of New York City’s vibrant “Silicon Alley”, he’s intimately familiar with delivering cloud solutions, effective team building, and Agile process adoption. As an early contributor to the Container ecosystem, he plays a foundational role in New York City’s open source community as founder of DockerNYC. Jesse has spent the last 5 years focusing on the intersection of automation, cloud computing, security and DevOps methodologies.​