How do you innovate with DevOps on AWS in highly-regulated environments?

Contino and AWS have combined their experience and expertise to write an eBook detailing how financial services organizations can use DevOps and the cloud to escape the vicious circle of rising regulation and falling profits.  

Download the eBook to get details of:

  1. The innovation and compliance challenges facing traditional financial institutions
  2. How to spark innovation with DevOps
  3. Streamline compliance by shifting it left in the software delivery pipeline
  4. How Contino helped Allianz to embrace DevOps on AWS

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​Learn how Contino’s pragmatic dual delivery approach helps their clients successfully implement DevOps on AWS to give financial institutions the skills they need so they can innovate at speed while remaining secure and compliant. Download the eBook to get details of:​

  • Shifting Compliance Left

  • Sparking Innovation with DevOps

  • How Contino Helped Allianz to Embrace DevOps on AWS


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