Instead of carrying out big, heavy software releases once every nine months, teams practicing Continuous Delivery instead aspire to deliver much smaller batches of change, but much more frequently than is typical: releasing weekly, daily, or even multiple times per day.

This style of software delivery can bring many benefits, but to get there requires hard work and changes to your software architecture, your development processes, and the working practices and processes within your organisation.

This paper explains these steps in more detail, and gives guidance and concrete advice to development teams looking to move towards a Continuous Delivery approach.

Download the briefing and discover:

  • The objectives of continuous delivery
  • Prerequisites
  • The key building block of Continuous Delivery: automation!
  • Common software release antipatterns
  • The deployment pipeline
  • Continuous Delivery best practices
  • Types of automated developer tests
  • Organisational change

Achieve Rapid Software Delivery

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