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Contino and Security with AWS

Contino and Security with AWS

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Our AWS Credentials

  • Partnership: Contino is a Premier Services member of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN).

  • Competencies: We have been awarded competencies in Migration, Data and Analytics, DevOps, Financial Services and Energy Competency.

  • Certifications: We have over 200 AWS Certifications held by our technical team globally.

  • GTM Initiatives: Contino participates in the Well-Architected Partner Program, Immersion Day Partner, AWS Lambda Service Delivery and the Public Sector Partner Program.

  • APN ambassadors: We have 6 APN ambassadors across our 3 global regions.

  • Contract: We have a Global MSA with AWS Professional Services.

  • AWS Partner Awards:
    • 2019 Winner APN Differentiation Partner of the Year | Application Transformation & Migration
    • 2019 Winner APN Differentiation Partner of the Year | Asia Pacific
    • 2019 & 2020 Finalist APN Consulting Partner of the Year

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Why Contino and AWS for Security

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Customer Stories

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Security Challenge One

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Customer Story One

Contino Customer Story One


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Contino Customer Story Two


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Contino Customer Story Three


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Contino Customer Story Five


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Contino Customer Story Six