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Your Candidate Journey

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Congratulations and welcome to the start of your candidate journey with Contino!

Here you’ll find a number of resources, videos and blogs to help you prepare for your first interview.

Here’s a warm welcome from Luke, our Head of Talent.

The Candidate Journey

There are three stages to the candidate journey at Contino.

1. Initial screening

2. Technical screening
(Psst. You're here!)

3. Cultural screening

Candidate journey

What can you expect from the interview?

We appreciate this is a two-way journey, so all of our interviews are conversation-based.

Your call will largely be based around your recent experience from technical capabilities and soft skills to leading teams and your recent projects.

There won't be any hidden technical tests waiting. As much as we’ll be keen to hear your story, you’ll be given plenty of opportunities to ask and learn more about Contino. So relax and enjoy!


What's Life Like at Contino?

Check out our video >> to get a glimpse of the day-to-day lives of our Continis from around the world!

What is the kind of work you'll be doing?

Check out our video to see how we helped Green Flag to build a fully cloud-native serverless platform and become a modern, software-driven enterprise.

This an example of the kind of work we love to do at Contino. Deeply transformational cloud-native work that delivers real business value to turn businesses around.

Diversity, Belonging and Inclusion

We believe collaboration is the key to our success. So much so, we created our whole operating model around it. For every engagement, we create a unique team made up of people from all areas of the business. Everyone should be able to make an impact!

We’re always looking for ways to make Contino more inclusive. Here’s a look at what we’re doing at the moment >>

Diversity and inclusion infographic