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“Enterprises have been trying to get better for a long time. It’s how you compete (time to market is a thing!) and we know how much innovation is coming from more technically agile companies.

The challenge for enterprises, or the real catalyst now, is that we’re at a point where the rate of innovation in the industry is so great that you can no longer go and settle yourself in your seat before the world has changed again…”

We sat down with Contino’s SVP of Engineering and Delivery, Andrew Gordon-Brooks, to get his views on the key enterprise challenges, the difficulties of culture change within an organization, switching operating models and dealing with skills shortages.

In this video, Andrew covers the following questions:

  • What are the key challenges that enterprises come across when they try to transform?

  • What are the most common mistakes that you see when enterprises adopt DevOps and cloud?

  • Why is culture change so difficult and what are the best ways of enabling a culture shift?

  • What would you message be to business leaders who are looking to undergo digital transformation?

  • How can enterprises deal with the current skills shortage?

  • What are the biggest challenges of migrating to the cloud?

  • How does the enterprise operating model need to change to maximize the benefits of the cloud?

  • What levels of DevOps maturity do you see in enterprises currently and where do you expect that to go over the next few years?



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