"GDS, which became a model for other governments to follow, including in the USA and Australia, is becoming side-lined and underpowered. The powerful and revolutionary idea of 'government as a platform' is dead."

Francis Maude’s Lecture on the Future of the Civil Service, 12 Sep 2017, Speaker’s House

Disillusioned with the current state of the “innovation-hostile” Civil Service, Francis Maude’s recent speech, quoted above, outlined a series of ideas for reform, spearheaded by cultural change and innovation. According to Maude, the Civil Service has a “bias to inertia” that needs to be replaced by a “bias to action”.

We sat down with Alistair Smith, Lead Public Sector Consultant at Contino, to pick his brain on some of the benefits of digital government, how far along the path we are, what the main challenges are and what the ‘data explosion’ means for the modern citizen.

In this video, Alistair covers the following questions:

  • What are the biggest public-sector specific challenges when it comes to DevOps and cloud adoption in the public sector?

  • How can government departments foster their own innovation capability?

  • How do you create an effective civil service IT team?

  • How far along the path to digital government are we in the UK?

  • What are some of the main dangers that could hinder the development of digital services in government?

  • What would digital government services mean for the citizen?

  • What is the UK government’s Cloud First policy and how successful do you think it has been?

  • How are attitudes to the public cloud - and security in the public cloud - changing within government?

  • What are the benefits of starting to break down the data siloes within government when it comes to delivering services?



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Alistair Smith

Client Delivery Director

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