Join us next Thursday for a live Q&A on DevOps Debate with Ryan Lockard on Secrets from the Agile Manifesto Authors (and whatever other topics we stumble upon!).  

Time:  Thursday 1 February 11am EST/4pm GMT 
Place: DevOps Debate - #general
Format: ask him questions for about 45 minutes!   

Ryan is a renowned Agile expert, who interviewed 14 of the 17 authors of the 2001 Agile Manifesto for his podcast, Agile UprisingIn his spare time, he’s also VP of Consulting (US) for Contino.

Ryan has recently spoken at the AppD Summit and at both DevOps Days Ohio and New York, so he should be in good form :).

Want to invite a friend to join? Send them this: invite a friend.

DevOps Debate Plans for 2018

We’ve got some cool plans for DevOps Debate in 2018:

  • Check out our funky, new website!
  • Live Q&A every couple of weeks with DevOps experts from all corners of the tech world!
  • Competitions and giveaways

Expert conversations and free stuff. It’ll be fun!



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