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Last week the Contino team attended CloudExpo in NYC where we had a great time engaging with our peers and learning more about the challenges organizations are currently facing with cloud builds and migrations.

One thing that really stood out when talking to some of the attendees was that many saw our booth and our Contino banner that states, “Digital Transformation Starts Here”, then asked what “digital transformation” means. It was noted that the term gets thrown around constantly with everyone boasting to either do it or need it. There’s a huge variety of definitions and it can all get very confusing.

In his interview with the team at CloudExpo, Ryan Lockard, VP Consulting, discussed how Contino helps organizations not only with changes in technology, but maybe more importantly, culture, training and process too. He further explained that, “like most transformational stories, it’s a journey”. Contino understands that it’s about enabling and establishing the right methods to get an organization set up for success in the future.

We wrapped up our time at CloudExpo with Ryan Lockard and Ernie Erwee presenting a case study of work that Contino had recently done with a US retail bank. Our teams stepped into an environment stuck in legacy operating models, technologies and practices, helping shift the client into automation and secure deployment to the AWS cloud. Overall, the presentation detailed how the work done for the client entailed both a measured and progressive view of how security, AWS, DevOps and business operations are all integrated to drive for sustainable digital transformation.

Our experience at CloudExpo truly solidified that organizations today are at all different stages in their digital transformation journeys. However, everyone is starting to understand the urgency and need for making changes in order to set the foundation for success in the future. That’s why I’m so happy that Contino is providing the vision and tools for helping clients get to the next stage in their journeys.



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  • Carl Jenkins

    Business Development Representative