Investment Banking

Contino, the global enterprise DevOps and cloud transformation consultancy, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Investment Banking Practice.

As regulatory challenges mount and margins fall, investment banks are left trying to do more with less.

However, insufficient investments into transformational change and antiquated technology stacks are hindering their capacity to deliver on strategic digital initiatives. As such, we see a significant wave of demand from customers requiring assistance to introduce modern engineering practices with a deep understanding across front, middle and back office functions.

The need for innovation

The propositions investment banks are focusing on include electronic trading, risk management, back office systems, distributed compute platforms, regulatory initiatives, and digital customer-facing solutions. All of these require rapid innovation within this constrained and increasingly regulated environment.  

This is why we set up the practice: to leverage our wide expertise and experience in the sector to help our clients understand how to leverage the cloud as a viable technology platform for addressing regulation, risk management, and compliance in a secure manner, whilst delivering innovation faster and more efficiently using DevOps practices.

Collectively, our team have decades of enterprise banking experience, have seen first-hand the challenges of the investment banking sector, and experienced the bottlenecks to progress on the ground across all facets of the business, including people, process and technology.

With its industry expertise and US$30m backing from Columbia Capital, Contino has the skills and the scale to support global enterprise bank transformation programs.

Our expertise

The practice will be headed up by Ben Saunders, who has ten years of IT industry expertise and experience in DevOps and Continuous Delivery across financial services and the oil and gas industry.

Ben Saunders said: “I’m really pleased to have the opportunity to focus on the investment banking sector. There’s such a huge opportunity here for banks to use cloud technology and DevOps frameworks to make IT a huge source of business value. The looming onset of MiFID II compliance deadlines are causing customers a great deal of concern and we are already helping many respond to regulatory changes quicker and with greater transparency.”

Ben is helping to shape the practice alongside Benjamin Wootton, Contino Co-founder and CTO, who spent ten years in the investment banking industry, working for UBS, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank.

Benjamin Wootton said: “During my time at investment banks in the past, I saw the same problems and bottlenecks coming up again and again - including siloed working, legacy technology, and lack of automation and agile infrastructure.  I look forward to helping our clients solve these problems at the root and to introduce innovative - and much more profitable - ways of working.”

Want to learn more? Watch our webinar to see how we move a trading app and all dev and test data from on-premises into AWS in under ten minutes. 

The webinar - Utilizing Contino's DevOps Framework to Move your Trading Workloads to the Cloud - will also cover:

  • The foundations for migrating trading apps and data to the cloud swiftly and safely
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory controls
  • Architecting and optimising your trading applications for optimal cloud performance
  • Integrating tools and processes to streamline app and data migration
  • Measuring the business value of cloud migration
  • Buy-in and replication across your organisation


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  • Matt Farmer

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Matt is responsible for the successful growth of the business globally, whilst building and leading a talented executive leadership team. Matt brings over 15 years of management and line of business experience from his prior roles where he founded and successfully grew many consulting businesses within the technology sector across development, collaboration and DevOps.

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