The ROI of DevOps in the enterprise is 15:1!

That’s according to Gene Kim and Dr. Nicole Forsgren’s white paper Forecasting the Value of DevOps Transformations.

While the evidence behind DevOps and the cloud is extremely compelling, the real challenge comes when convincing the rest of the business of its value. In fact, most DevOps projects fail at the first hurdle: the business case.

What are the reasons for this?

Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid when making your business case:

  1. Focusing on the technical outcomes rather than the business outcome
  2. Failing to align with the wider business objectives
  3. Not understanding why you are doing it
  4. Relying too heavily on the IT function, without involving the rest of the business
  5. Using the wrong language

In our white paper How to Make a Winning Business Case for DevOps and Cloud, we offer advice on how to build a successful multi-level business case, including:

  • How to find the business outcome
  • How to find your why
  • How to frame the problem
  • How to adopt an experimental, data-driven approach



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Tara Brownbill

Senior Content Marketing Exec