Contino is pleased to announce that Bryce Johnson has joined as General Manager, Northern Region in Australia. Bryce will be leading the engineering and consulting operations of Contino’s Sydney based business.

Craig Howe, Managing Director at Contino Asia-Pacific is pleased to welcome Bryce on board.

“Bryce’s appointment as General Manager for the Northern Region is testament to the investment that we are making in the region. Contino is growing rapidly in Australia, and we need to support that growth with a strong leadership team. Bringing Bryce on board to support our Sydney base means that we can continue to provide the level of excellence required to lead in this marketplace.”

With 20 years worth of experience in the tech industry, Bryce has worked for big names such as the Commonwealth Bank, NBN Australia, Odecee, Atlassian and Cray Supercomputer in various engineering and leadership roles. Bryce was instrumental in building and growing a successful business in Sydney for a large tech consultancy, and he plans to bring this expertise to Contino as he grows the Northern Region.

Bryce’s most recent appointments were at Commonwealth Bank, NBN and Odecee. “Working for CBA gave me an understanding of the challenges faced by banks, from a logistics and risk point of view for delivering projects. I acquired some great insights about the banking industry and had the opportunity to work on large projects around cloud and microservices.  As a Chief Engineer at Odecee, I grew as a regional leader, been a trusted advisor for many customers, and developed a lot of great relationships. I’ve been fortunate enough to be in the shoes of a customer, a consultant, and a leader - so I can see a project from different perspectives.”

Customer centricity has been an important aspect of Bryce’s work, and he is passionate about that subject.  “I’ve always had a customer focused attitude even as an engineer. I’ve always been passionate about helping people, enabling them and making them more efficient. I think that is something that aligns well to the way that Contino works.”

Why Contino

Bryce feels that Contino is growing for the right reasons: to provide real solutions to the challenges faced by organisations that are transforming.

“I liked the Contino mission and the fact that we were growing to better help organisations solve their problems. Being able to help shape the future of Contino is also a great opportunity. I want to be part of growing a team. I am passionate about people management, and I want to help people to realise what the value proposition is to them at a consultancy like Contino.”

With Contino’s lightning speed growth, Bryce has his work cut out for him but he is excited for the future and looks forward to meeting Contino’s customers and partners.

Contino is a global tech consultancy that works with the World’s Leading Brands to help them with measurable transformation, through the adoption of Enterprise DevOps, Cloud Native Computing and Data Platforms.



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Stephanie Sanassee

Head of Marketing APAC