31 October 2017 - The Brewery, London: 52 Chiswell St. London EC1Y 4SD

An evolution on AWS’s previous Enterprise Summit format, the Transformation Day in London is a unique event created for senior executives, business leaders and heads of technology. It’s designed to bring to life the advantages of adopting AWS public cloud in the enterprise.

Contino is proud to be a Gold sponsor of the Transformation Day, and, in the run-up, we’ve made a selection of highlights and recommendations to whet your appetite!

Here are the top five sessions that you must attend to squeeze all the juice out of the transformation lemon :).  

1. Transformation

Contino has thrived by helping enterprises to transform in a way that the old guard of consultancies and system integrators cannot currently support. We focus on building capability and helping our clients to in-source strategic technology capability so they get to market fast and build their own innovation engine. As such, the breakout session on Enabling Broad Organisational Transformation is a critical one from an enterprise DevOps perspective:

Breakout Session: Enabling Broad Organisational Transformation Through the Adoption of AWS

For many organizations, a perceived lack of cloud skills in their staff can limit their move to the cloud. Proper training of your engineers and developers can speed the pace of adoption, cloud migration, and delivery of business benefits by effectively operating the AWS Cloud. In this session, we discuss field-proven, prescriptive steps for reskilling and scaling your technical teams so that you can use the AWS Cloud securely, efficiently, and effectively.

Recommended: Check out Momentum, our battle-tested framework for transforming enterprise IT to a DevOps and cloud operating model and culture. Developed on the basis of our learnings from over 60 enterprise transformation projects, it consists of a defined roadmap of activities and a process for measuring maturity, capability uplift and business value.

2. Security

Embedding security into your organisations day-to-day practice is becoming hugely important in the enterprise. We are seeing a huge uptick in interest in DevSecOps - having recently run a breakfast briefing featuring presentations from the likes of HSBC, DWP and Allianz, sharing their first-hand, real-world experiences in this field. With that in mind, the breakout session on Accelerating your business with security is essential:

Breakout Session: Accelerating Your Business with Security

Elasticity and security are enabling enterprises to move highly regulated workloads to the AWS Cloud. However, given the sensitivity around this protected customer data, what newly released services can be implemented to remain secure and compliant? Find out in this session for Chief Security, Risk and Compliance Officers.

Recommended: check out our Introductory Guide To DevSecOps: Innovate Securely At Speed & Scale

3. Compliance

At the enterprise level, in particular in highly-regulated industries such as financial services, regulatory compliance is becoming increasingly important for technology teams. According to one survey, 80% of banking respondents state that they are changing their business strategy in response to regulatory changes.

To quote Contino’s own Emre Erkunt: “...Part of the answer is embracing DevOps. Although the way you deliver software may not, on the surface, seem important for trimming compliance spending, DevOps provides efficiencies for your entire organization that can play a key role in streamlining compliance processes and saving you money. It does this by ‘shifting compliance left’” (full article here).

Breakout Session: Enabling Compliance with EU Privacy Laws

AWS offers its customers the tools you need to comply with EU privacy laws. This session will summarise how AWS supports your compliance strategy, including compliance with the latest regulatory developments in the EU, including the GDPR.

Recommended: for an example of these kind of practices in action, take a look at Contino Principal Dan Hurst’s video on Compliance as Code.

4. Data

Characterized as a 21st-century gold rush by many, the opportunities that cloud presents for data are myriad. Cut through some of the noise on this topic with Antonio Alvarez’s session on making your data actionable:

Breakout Session: How to convert data into insights that enhance decision-making

AWS helps you make timely, evidence-based decisions and increase your competitive advantage by transforming your data into business insights. In particular, our AWS Big Data and Artificial Intelligence solutions can help you collect, process and analyse your data – with no need to procure or manage traditional server infrastructure in-house. You can scale your analytics operations up, or down, in the AWS Cloud in real time, giving you more agility and lowering your IT costs. Join this session to learn how AWS Big Data and AI solutions can help you maximise the strategic value of your data and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Recommended: Contino CTO Ben Wootton’s hugely valuable primer on using cloud analytics to maximise the value of your data - find it here.

5. Social

Last but certainly not least - come visit us at stand G4 for free donuts, golf balls and Post-Its! And at the drinks reception, we’ll see if AWS can indeed organise the proverbial in a brewery!

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Dominic Ayres

Partner Manager

Dominic is Partner Manager at Contino, managing our relationship with key strategic partners AWS, Docker and Hashicorp. Previously at Gartner, Dominic brings experience of working with IT leaders from both public and private sectors; from mid-market to large enterprises.

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