AWS Summit in Sydney is nearly upon us and it is shaping up to be a record breaking event. Spread over three days, shifted to the recently updated International Conference Centre in Sydney and focusing on AWS Australian customers, the scale and array of talks is looking to be pretty mind boggling this year. 

Here are my top 5 reasons to attend - and be excited about - the event:

1. The event itself

With the change of location the summit will now have in the region of 12500 people in attendance, putting it on par with the biggest technology events in Australia, if not the biggest. Plus, AWS is launching the world's first AWS Innovation Day in Sydney this year, focusing on how companies can use 'Day 1 principles to build a culture which drives innovation at scale'. Thinking about not only existing but future business models is the key underlying theme of the event itself, with over 100 education sessions across six tracks to keep everyone engaged.

2. Contino is a Platinum Sponsor

I am so proud of the fact that Contino are Platinum Sponsors this year, with 4 talks at the event itself, and our stand in the high-energy Metropolis of the Future Expo showcasing Contino solutions and AWS products. We will be talking about new technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Serverless and Big Data. From deep dives into Kubernetes and how to automate deployments on the AWS platform, to our main talk 'Disrupt or be Disrupted', where we will be focusing on the impact continuously changing technologies have on the people in enterprises, and look to equip you with techniques and thinking around how to cope with these changes! There is a shameless plug here, as I will be giving this talk along with my colleague Mr Serverless (Yun Zhi Lin).

3. The focus on uplifting skills

As always with this type of events, it is an opportunity to speak to people in similar industry verticals and understand how they are looking to deliver business goals. A key takeaway has to be learning how other teams are using the existing and upcoming AWS services to enhance their companies. To support the new ways of working, taking advantage of the education sessions, will give you a taste of how new approaches can work, and be applied. I recommend that learning by doing is the best way to implement these new found approaches.

4. The hunger for secure business cloud adoption

The adoption of cloud is still accelerating, companies not adopting cloud are now clearly falling behind. Public cloud adoption is now sitting at around 40%, which is a phenomenal statistic that outlines how much is yet to move to cloud. As a result, cloud migration services is in high demand among business customers today, and it's predicted more than 50% of software workloads will move to the cloud by 2020.

AWS holds security as a core pillar of the development of its platform, recently receiving approval up to 'protected' level for government workloads, based on IRAP assessment for the AWS Sydney region. Also as a key platform for financial services customers that have to seek approval by APRA for deploying workloads into public cloud providers.

Use the Summit as an opportunity to learn about how your business critical applications can be more secure in the AWS cloud than where they are today.

5. The importance of data

Data is still the crown jewel of every company. Managing, leveraging and securing data is key to moving businesses forward. Looking at how AWS customers are using data to create new products, creatively update existing products and truly understand what the end customer wants is providing insightful feedback. The day 2 keynote will be by Olivier Klein, Head of Emerging Technology for AWS, and will showcase how Artificial Intelligence, powered by Machine Learning models, is core to efficient processes and improved capabilities for better customer experiences.

In conclusion, the Summit is shaping up to be an incredible event, I really encourage you to swing by the stand, me or any of the team would thoroughly enjoy having a chat or you can evening book in a meeting here.

But don’t forget to have fun! Being in Darling Harbour this year means lots of opportunities for meetings and catch ups outside of the event itself. The number of people attending from across all industry verticals in breathtaking and shows how adoption of the AWS platform just keeps increasing, and why AWS is the world's number one public cloud platform. I look forward to meeting you there!



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