We help organizations respond to the unprecedented threat of disruption against a backdrop of technical legacy, increasing regulation and intense competition

Our Focus Industries

We partner with both traditional regulated enterprises and more digital industries who need to deliver at velocity, in a controlled and stable way:

  • Investment Banking

    Investment banks are trapped in a vicious circle. They must comply with ever-more regulation and operate in increasingly competitive global markets whilst innovating more quickly than ever before.

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  • Retail Banking

    Post-financial crisis, retail banks are burdened with unprecedented regulation while at the same time facing intense competition from FinTech, new market entrants, and smaller challenger banks.

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  • Insurance

    Rapid advances in technology have made the insurance industry ripe for disruption. Price and value comparison websites, mobile transactions, cyber risk insurance, and other digital applications have the potential to fundamentally change general insurance in the next few years. To remain competitive, established insurance companies must embrace digital transformation grounded in foundational principles of increased speed to market, improved operating efficiency, and IT consolidation.

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  • Government

    Governments across the world have high ambitions for digital transformation. As the business of government is at its very core dynamic, so should be the services which underpin them.

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  • Telecommunications

    The telecommunications industry is challenged by digital competitors in an increasingly competitive, globalized marketplace. This shift in consumer buying has spurred innovative change among telecom companies to find new ways to provide high-value services, all while striving to keep their costs low.

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  • Retail

    The consumer shopping experience has been thoroughly disrupted by eCommerce, and traditional brick-and-mortar retail companies must digitally transform their shopping experience to survive.

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  • Healthcare

    The healthcare marketplace is one of the most vital industries in the world, but it is beset by many complex challenges, such as data overload, scheduling difficulties and difficulty communicating patient health information between institutions.

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  • Media

    The media industry was one of the earliest industries impacted by digitisation, and this transformation has since revolutionized the way we consume media. This shift in consumer behaviour has motivated industry leaders to reimagine ways to streamline and profit from these new methods of media consumption.

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