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Machine Learning Operations

Data Platforms

From Tactical Machine Learning Models to Strategic MLOps Capability in 6 months

We help enterprises build big data, analytics, insights, and AI and Machine Learning capabilities by leveraging cloud platforms and data.

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How Our Machine Learning Services Enable Our Customers

Enterprise Transformation

Cloud Platform Build & Migration

Design and build of a cloud-native data platform on which to build data capabilities that drive competitive advantage.

DevSecOps & Cloud Security

Cloud Native Software Development

Data AI & ML

Momentum is our tried and tested framework for enterprises adopting data-driven operating models and culture.

Momentum consists of a defined path of activities, and a framework for growing and measuring data maturity and capability uplift.

Contino's Momentum Framework

The journey to MLOps is one part of a broader data transformation to enable data science and analytics teams.

    The Align It and Plan It phases serves as the backbone of discovery, evaluation and planning.
    These phases are essential to driving business value and laying the foundation of a machine learning operations toolkit as well as practice and culture.
    Our Lighthouse approach can qualify the business value of ML alongside the MLOps pattern to run models in production
    This is done whilst lighting the way towards scaling the project and optimising the solution.
    The foundational phases are best coupled with a Transition to Exit where Contino can bolster your team’s MLOps practice and culture.
    We can support activities like upskilling, knowledge sharing, hiring and pairing.

MLOps Success Stories

Drive Business Value:

What if the rise of WhatsApp and GlocalMe were flagged to our telco’s leadership before they dramatically altered the telco market? Could the company have responded to protect its P&L or even profited from this shift?

Working through Align It and Plan It phases, Contino helped a major telco validate a feasible ML solution that was driven by BERT NLP models customised to the use case through transfer learning.

The engagement culminated in the development of a minimum viable model (MVM), iteratively developed using Scrum methodologies over a time-boxed six weeks (three sprints). This enabled intelligent and
efficient disruptor detection—previously unavailable to the company.

Build Foundations for MLOps Practice & Culture:

We worked with a major retailer to help its data science team define and deliver a qualified MLOps solution following best practices.

To assemble a comprehensive MLOps solution based in the cloud, we engineered a pattern that stitches together cloud components with Infrastructure as Code (IaC), unlocking the ability to scale ML model development, testing and production with ease.

Working closely with Contino, the data science team drove a new strategic capability that was transformative. Through developing the MLOps Lighthouse we created a pattern and solution tailored to the organisation while also transforming its culture and practice. Thanks to this, the data science team reached an advanced MLOps capability that it can continually mature.

Our Data Case Studies

Royal London Group

Building a Legendary Microsoft Data Analytics Solution in 8 Weeks at Royal London Group

Case Study
Tigerair and Contino Case Study

Contino Helps Tigerair Move to a Next-Generation Data Analytics Platform

Case Study

Medibank: Transforming the Customer Experience with Centralised Big Data Platform

Case Study

Our Other Services

Our services are designed to weave together to create a holistic transformation project.

Enterprise Transformation

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Cloud Platform Build & Migration

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