The Challenge

The client is a multinational banking and financial services company and the largest bank in its home country. This bank serves over 16 million clients across over 40 countries and has 80,000 employees worldwide.

Our client has strategically accepted the benefits of public cloud and cloud-native computing, and as a result, has taken the decision to adopt a public cloud strategy across the group.

The client has also recognized the potential benefits of a DevOps operating model as the best way of adopting and consuming cloud resources, involving a move away from functionally siloed teams to a more cross-functional delivery model with teams delivering code using a controlled Continuous Delivery approach, and provisioning infrastructure under a federated model using APIs and automation.

They are looking to implement a scalable, flexible and efficient end-to-end DevOps process in an AWS environment and thus selected Contino as an experienced partner used to working with large financial services organizations on this journey. Contino’s remit was to define a new operating model and toolchain for modern application delivery and prove the concept with application squads before eventually scaling out to other areas of the business.

The Solution

Contino lead all engagements with a dual delivery and upskilling approach. This means that as well as helping our clients to deliver their most strategic projects, we focus on skills transfer and improving our own client’s capability for DevOps.

Contino first helped the client define a lightweight future-state operating model for DevOps in AWS - supporting in terms of organizational structures, job roles, and key business process for infrastructure and application management. Our team provided advice and guidance on how to set up these organizational and procedural considerations in a manner which allows their teams to move with greater velocity, whilst still meeting controls and governance requirements.

Next, Contino provided advice and guidance on appropriate tool selection in order to take full advantage of the changes in people and process necessitated by a shift to DevOps ways of working in the public cloud. For example, the validation and enhancement of use of current containerization tools. This included support on how to implement and integrate the tools to enable a fast, agile Continuous Delivery model meeting all control criteria required of a major financial institution.

Finally, a pilot reference implementation of this toolchain included onboarding teams into the end-to-end pipeline - mitigating against the risk faced by many DevOps and digital transformation initiatives that they are often confined to ‘lab environments’ in enterprise organizations.

The Result

The client now has an application development and deployment framework built to remain logically easy to scale, protect, and administer - meaning they are better placed to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by the use of AWS, containers and DevOps ways of working.

This engagement allowed the client to short-cut mistakes and start with best practices to ensure the successful delivery of this project on time and within budget, whilst also building up capability and knowledge with the client’s engineering organisation - Contino’s dual-delivery and upskilling mandate ensuring the team had access to Contino resources who are expert CD architects and DevOps engineers.

As a result of Contino’s engagement, the core development teams have a much deeper understanding of microservices, CI/CD and the AWS platform, and the client is in a much stronger position to bridge the gaps between development and operations and accelerate the pace of innovation for its applications and software delivery platforms.