The Client

The client is Australia’s largest business bank, serving 9,000,000 customers at more than 900 locations in Australia, New Zealand and around the world. 

The Challenge

The bank's digital department had the desire to improve its NPS score across key platforms but was unable to gather the correct information for the change. Digital enablement is expensive and there was speculation on the value of implementing key features for customers, with different reports and multiple isolated copies of data residing in ‘data silos’. Operations and Analytics were unable to meet the amount of requests for data, nor were they able to be proactive with data. These teams were disconnected by data and had limited processing and visualisation capabilities in isolation.

The Solution

During the project, Contino delivered:

  • The bank’s first ever analytics platform for Digital Channels, Marketing Integration and Operations for their “Next Best Action”.
  • Assistance in the endorsement of architecture for the platform 
  • Connection of analytics with the rest of the bank to ensure augmentation and alignment of data
  • Team planning for sprints (iteration)
  • Internal security guidance and support for the new platform
  • Regulatory guidance and support for APRA

The Business Outcome

The bank now has a platform that enables the next best action for the business. Benefits were proven through a series of live ‘BAU’ and project initiatives.

The amount of hypotheses that can be tested within the same time frames is now significant and there is a ‘single source’ for the data. This ensured multiple reports are now consistent and business decisions are more robust.

Large savings were demonstrated by using the platform – both in ‘cost avoidance’ and reinvestment in more value based activities. Further benefits will be added as more source systems are added.