Who We Are

We’re not your average consultancy.

Engineering is at the heart of what we do. Our team is made of leading Enterprise DevOps, cloud, security and automation experts, all with financial services and DevOps competency – so we foster an innovative engineering culture throughout.

A Contino consultant is there to challenge the status quo. We work to help global organisations better adopt new ways of working and approaches to software delivery, while embedding culture change by up-skilling and empowering your people.

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How we help enable our customers

  • CLOUD - We provide safe, repeatable, scalable and cost effective ‘enterprise grade’ build and migrations to cloud platforms. Contino provides detailed TCO & Business Case development, and then helps migrate those services.​

  • DEVOPS - Contino helps customers leverage new approaches to delivery and operations by focusing on DevOps and its pillars, including automation with best practices. We follow a proven maturity framework to uplift DevOps in large organisations.

  • INSIGHTS - Contino builds big data and analytics platforms for organisations by leveraging cloud across pillars of risk, scale, agility and reliability. Contino brings best practices, at speed to create the platform – so you can focus on the data and enable your ‘next best action’.

  • COMPOSITION - Contino provides transformative connectivity via the build of API Platforms and microservices. We also provide extensive network capabilities via software defined means.